Mass Bookings for Wednesday 12th – Sunday 16th August inclusive


Below you will find the Mass times available for booking from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th August inclusive. When making a booking please use only the following means, as other methods may not ensure that your request is seen. You will be sent confirmation of your booking, if you do not receive this within 24 hours please be back in touch to check if the place has been booked. Book on: or by calling 01577 863329, or by calling or texting 07540534480. You must provide your name, and your postal address each time you make a booking – this is for “track and trace” purposes should there be another outbreak.

You will be required to wear a face mask/covering when in the church. Hand-sanitizer will be available at the church door and in the church hall (and on the sanctuary for the use of the priest). You will be directed by volunteer stewards as to where you must sit. Please co-operate with these volunteers who are there to help you and keep you safe. Please only sit in the place you have been allocated. Children under 5 years of age and those with medical exemptions are not required to wear a face mask/ covering. You will be asked by the steward if you will receive Holy Communion on the hand or on the tongue – those receiving Holy Communion on the tongue will come forward after those receiving on the hand, and seat allocation will reflect this. In case of uncertainty in this regard, this permission is specifically allowed by our bishop in conformity with universal ecclesiastical law, whilst, at the same time, he strongly encourages reception on the hand during this period of concern.

Please respect others who, for medical reasons, may not be able to wear a mask or face covering. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or suspect you may have, and if you have had direct contact with anyone who has, you must not come to church. We must do all we can to safeguard the health and well-being of those who attend. For present the bishop is still suspending our Sunday Obligation and that for holydays, which means there is no sin, in these circumstances, in not attending Holy Mass on days that would normally be of obligation to us.

Instructions will be given at the church door by the steward volunteer and short instruction will be given again by the priest immediately before Mass begins. You should be reassured that the churches are being cleaned and disinfected scrupulously and every measure is being taken for your well-being, at the same time as recognizing that no matter where we are it is impossible to eliminate risk totally.

We look forward to you joining us again for Holy Mass and our community celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

Mass times available:

Please make sure to book as early as you can in order to secure your place.

Wednesday 12th August – 10.00a.m. in St. James’, Kinross

Thursday 13th August – 7.00p.m. in St. James’, Kinross

Friday 14th August – 10.00a.m. in St. James’, Kinross

Saturday 15th August – 4.00p.m. in St. Matthew’s, Auchtermuchty

Sunday 16th August – 9.00a.m. in St. Matthew’s, Auchtermuchty

Sunday 16th August – 11.00a.m. in St. James’, Kinross

Sunday 16th August – 3.00p.m. in St. James’, Kinross

Confessions are available half an hour before Mass in St. James’ (with the exception of the 11a.m. Mass on Sunday), also after any Mass, and in St. Matthew’s the Sacrament will be available before the 4.00p.m. Mass on Saturday and after the 9.00a.m. Mass on Sunday.

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