Update from the Parish Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

July: Yet again your generosity is amazing.

I would like to thank all those parishioners have been most generous in support of those in need. Food donations are still being received and they are much appreciated. Over £350 has been donated to the Society, much of which is specifically for food, and, for now, we are channelling this to those in need through Broke not Broken. Under the current lockdown we still cannot do home visits and it has been felt that one way to support those in need is by helping Broke not Broken during the current situation with their shortages. When speaking of this it would be remiss of me not to mention the significant contribution made by the community at Glen Lomond many of whom are not members of our parish, but have donated thanks to encouragement of Ann Davidson. Their contributions are very much appreciated not only by SSVP but especially by Broke not Broken.

Hopefully, we will be able to get back to our normal work of pastoral visitation, etc. soon.  With the return to school I am sure that some families may require help to provide school uniforms, this has already been indicated to us and we hope to help if this is the case.

It is good to see that we can again attend Holy Mass even if numbers are somewhat curtailed. A number of members have assisted and been of great support along with other members of our church family in pass-keeping and cleaning. This is appreciated, for without their help it would be a great deal more difficult to have Mass at both St Matthew’s and St James’.

Again I would like to thank everyone who has helped or supported the Conference in any way.

Bob Corrieri

President SSVP St James’ and St Matthew’s.

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