Services, Mass Bookings, etc. from Monday 17th May to Sunday 23rd May inclusive… and then for Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May…

Because I am on retreat/pilgrimage this coming week there are changes to the timetable, and also different instructions for making your bookings for the weekend of 29th/30th May – please read the instructions for booking that weekend carefully. Thank you.

Services this coming week for which you do not need to book a place:

Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th May – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, time for private prayer, then the Holy Rosary from 9.30a.m. – 10.30a.m.

Friday 21st May – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with the Divine Mercy Chaplet from 3.00p.m. – 3.30p.m.

Masses for the 22nd and 23rd May for which you will need to make a booking (by calling me on 01577 863329):

Saturday 22nd May at 3.00p.m. in St. Matthew’s

Saturday 22nd May at 5.00p.m. in St. James’

Saturday 22nd May at 6.30p.m. in St. James’

Sunday 23rd May at 9.00a.m. in St. James’

Sunday 23rd May at 11.00a.m in St. James’

Sunday 23rd May at 1.00p.m. in St. James’

To book any of the Masses above you must call 01577 863329 only, at the following times: Friday 14th May between 7.00p.m. and 9.00p.m., and on Saturday 15th May between 7.45p.m. and 9.00p.m.


Please Note Carefully: Dr. Gary Law has kindly agreed to take bookings for the weekend of Saturday 29th May and Sunday 30th May, Masses will be at exactly the same times as those listed for Saturday and Sunday above. To book these Masses (for the 29th and 30th May only) you can call Gary from Wednesday 19th May, as well as on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May between 12 noon and 1.00p.m. only, on: 01577 864661 or 07419990210 or email him on: As Gary is kindly doing us a favour I would ask you to stick strictly to these times and means for making the bookings. I will be unable to take any bookings at this time.


For the week of Monday 24th to Friday 28th May Masses during the week do not require a booking and will be at the following times: Monday 24th May at 7.00p.m., Tuesday 25th May at 7.00p.m., Wednesday 26th May at 7.00p.m., Thursday 27th May at 10.00a.m., and Friday 28th May at 10.00a.m.

I apologise for the complicated nature of this communication and hope that you manage to make your bookings easily. God bless you, Fr. Martin Pletts

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