From the Parish SSVP Conference

Dear Parishioners,

The brothers and sisters of SSVP have to again thank you on behalf of those whom we serve for your generous support. Through your continued support we are still, despite not being able to do visits, supporting those in need within our community.

We have to thank all of you who have continued to support us with donation and very much appreciate that a number of you have set up standing orders while others have handed in donations at the church. In January these donations came to the amazing total of £471. This has allowed us to support those in need within the community to the tune of just over £300 while still maintaining a good reserve for those needs which are still coming to us during these difficult times.

Despite the fact that visits are severely restricted we have been able to continued to support Broke not Broken with food donations either from the donations of food that you have brought to the church hall on Sunday mornings, through those of you who have informed us through Father Martin that you are providing this support by putting food directly in the BnB box at Sainsbury’s and also the Glen Lomond community who through the work of a member have collected an delivered to us an amazing amount of food each month. We also again have to thank those members have helped with the shopping.

In the past we have had parishioners deliver to the Church at any time. However, to make this easier in this weather and while the church is closed for worship; a member will be present at St James’ church hall from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. each Sunday morning to receive any donations of food etc. Please bring them to the door and the member will take them from you.

Despite the restrictions we face, with a little bit of lateral thinking, we have also been able to help a number of those in need with specific requests. These have included help with fitting a new kitchen appliance, to having a new bed delivered to a family in need. With careful planning and precautions we have been able to help a number of people who have been referred to us. We have also been able to work with other conferences and church organisation to provide help to those in need.

As I have said in the above, a member will be available every Sunday morning at the Church Hall to receive donations.

Sunday Mornings

10:00 -12:00 a.m.

St James Church Hall.

On behalf of all those whom we serve, thank you all for your generous support.

Bob Corrieri (President St James’ and St Matthew’s SSVP.)

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