Please read – important notes for those attending Holy Mass…

I want to thank everyone for their co-operation in what are unusual circumstances. In particular I want to thank stewards and cleaners and the background workers who have enabled us to keep our churches open. It is thanks to their hard work and dedication that we can continue to celebrate the Sacraments publicly and gather to worship the Lord.

In these odd circumstances there are a few things to highlight as regards Holy Mass that will help the fluidity of our celebration and the reverence with which it takes place, and which will also ensure that we maintain the required social distancing.

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before Holy Mass is due to begin, this facilitates the stewards showing you to your seat. Please also maintain social-distancing as you are waiting to be admitted into the church.

Please do not stop to talk to people in the church as you leave, Holy Communion is still being distributed at this point, and we should not be breaking social distancing guidelines. Conversation at an appropriate social-distance should only take place outside church and once the distribution of Holy Communion has ceased.

Please do not return into the church once you have left as this risks impeding the cleaning work being carried out for your safety.

Please book your seats in time, as soon as possible, otherwise you risk not getting a seat and sadly having to be turned away.

Thank you to all who have helped things to run so smoothly in the parish your assistance is greatly appreciated by all of us.

God bless you, Fr. Martin

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