Parish Barbecues…

(Please note a correction to the times of the barbecues)

After speaking with several parishioners Mr. Sid Grant has kindly agreed to co-ordinate arrangements for parish barbecues in the near future. I emphasise, for Sid’s sake, that he will co-ordinate, but will need the assistance, practically, of willing helpers to look after the running of the barbecues and helping with setting-up, serving, and clearing-up. So please don’t be shy in volunteering to help!

This is what Sid has passed on to me, for your information:

“Now that we are allowed to meet in groups of up to 15 from 15 households, I think it is a good time to start meeting up with our fellow parishioners. I know I have missed the ability to socialise and spend a little time with parishioners. So, I am proposing we have a couple of BBQ’s on the week of Friday 6th August and Sunday 8th August in the Parish gardens.  The idea is to have the first BBQ on Friday 6th at 2.30 pm and the second BBQ on Sunday 8th August at 3.00 pm. Due to number restrictions I would ask that everyone lets me know which day and time is best for you. If we use both back and front gardens, we will be able to accommodate up to 30 people at each event. If any day looks like it will exceed the numbers, we can try to fit in an additional day or time, but I would love to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy some food and a friendly catch up with our fellow parishioners.  Children under the age of 12 do not count towards the 15 and if we use both gardens that means 30 people each day and if we follow the rules and keep to 15 it is possible to move from front to back garden and speak to everyone.

In order to encourage people to come along, Fr. Martin has kindly agreed that the Parish will meet the cost of this event . However, it has been suggested that if you wish, you could bring some non perishable food or toiletries to be donated to Broke Not Broken or alternatively a donation in a bucket to help SSVP with their work.”

Any further suggestions or volunteers to help, please contact Sid Grant on 07713 582628 or

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