Mass Bookings, etc. 21st to 27th June inclusive…

A few gentle reminders:

Please show consideration to your fellow parishioners when coming to Holy Mass in these unusual circumstances. Be patient, courteous, and helpful to those who are elderly, frail, or slow because of health issues.

Please be courteous to those at the church door, the pass-keepers/stewards. As difficult as it may be if the church is full and you cannot be admitted please show them Christian understanding and charity, respect and kindness. They have a difficult role to fulfil.

Bookings are not being taken at the door, so when you arrive at church you must come in and take your place immediately, if you do not come in at that point but leave to go elsewhere (unless it is an emergency) pass keepers have been instructed to not keep a place for you (there is no quasi “reservation” system in place as this would be unfair to other parishioners). Once capacity has been reached in the church and all are seated Mass will begin, even if this is slightly earlier than timetabled.

Please be courteous to your priest as I am trying my best in very difficult circumstances to facilitate as many people as possible coming to Mass and your co-operation is necessary: the circumstances are beyond my control.

Please think how you can help, how you can ease the burden, how you can contribute positively and support the parish, finding fault or complaining is very easy and not at all helpful, whereas offering your time and your energies is demanding but will help to build-up our parish and help us to cope in testing times. We are in this together, let us show our unity and strength as Catholic brothers and sisters.

Mass Times, etc. for this coming week:

A reminder that bookings are no longer being taken for Masses, and that parishioners should simply come along. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, it is therefore advisable that parishioners come along as early as possible (the church doors being open usually 30 minutes before Mass begins).

(Monday 21st June – Holy Mass at 3.30p.m. for parish Catechism children and teachers only – St. James’)

Tuesday 22nd June – Holy Mass at 7.00p.m. (with Confession available from 6.30p.m.) – St. James’

Wednesday 23rd June – Holy Mass at 10.00a.m. (Confession available after Mass) – St. James’

Thursday 24th June – Holy Mass at 10.00a.m. (Confession available after Mass) – St. James’

(Friday 25th June – Holy Mass at 9.00a.m. at Kilgraston School – for pupils and staff only)

Friday 25th June – Holy Mass at 12.00 noon (Confession available after Mass) – St. James’

Saturday 26th June – Holy Mass at 3.00p.m. (Confession available after Mass) – St. Matthew’s

Saturday 26th June – Holy Mass at 5.00p.m. – St. James’

Sunday 27th June – Holy Mass at 9.00a.m. – St. James’

Sunday 27th – Holy Mass at 11.00a.m. – St. James’

Sunday 27th June – Holy Mass at 1.00p.m. – St. James’ (Confessions available after Mass)

As stated above, bookings will now not be required for any of these Masses.

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