Message from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul thanks you all for your generous donations during these hard times. I also have to thank all those who have brought food to the hall on Sunday mornings. Donations of food are still being received in the hall on Sunday mornings and a member of SSVP will be present from 09:00 to 12:00 every Sunday for food collection at the Hall.

As we are coming out of lockdown there is still a need for BnB and each week they list on their web page a list of items required. SSVP members are still doing shopping with monies specifically donated for food by those unable to shop for this for themselves.

There will be a collection box in the Church for General funds. There has been a significant request for help from the Society in recent months. This has included help with, food, clothing, furnishing, etc. Therefore all donations are greatly appreciated. If a person wishes to make a specific donation for food please place the money in an envelope and mark it SSVP Food. Alternatively you can hand it into the hall to the member on duty on Sunday mornings.

Many thanks for your generosity,

Bob Corrieri.


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