26/03/21 – Bookings for Holy Mass, etc. & places still available…

Bookings & places still available:

There are still places available for Holy Mass between now and Easter Sunday (inclusive) if you haven’t already booked your place. Tonight (Friday) is the last opportunity to book for these dates. Call the parish landline: 01577 863329 between 7.00p.m. and 8.00p.m. this evening to make your booking. The parish landline does not accept ‘blocked’ numbers, so if your number is blocked either phone from a mobile or ask someone whose number is not blocked to make the booking for you.

This morning (Friday 26th) there are 5 places still available for 10.00a.m. Mass if you would like to come along – please give your name and contact details at the door to the steward, please come at least 15 minutes before Holy Mass begins in order to help the smooth allocation of seats.

Sunday 28th (Kinross) 9.00a.m. – 6 places still available

Sunday 28th (Kinross) 1.00p.m. – 2 places still available

Monday 29th (Kinross) 7.00p.m. – 7 places still available

Tuesday 30th (Kinross) 10.00a.m. – 7 places still available

Wednesday 31st (Kinross) 10.00a.m. – 5 places still available

Sunday 4th April (Kinross) 1.00p.m. – 1 place still available

Sunday 4th April (Kinross) 3.00p.m. – 2 places still available

(each “place” can accommodate either one individual, or a couple in a ‘bubble,’ or even three from the same household/’bubble’)

Saturday 27th (Auchtermuchty) 3.00p.m. – 10 places still available

Sunday 4th (Auchtermuchty) 9.00a.m. – 9 places still available

Other than the places mentioned above all other Masses or liturgies are already fully booked (including Holy Thursday and Good Friday).

God bless you, Fr. Martin Pletts

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