Live-streaming & Updates…

Holy Mass will be live-streamed from St. James’ tomorrow at 10.00a.m. if you are able to join us “virtually”. Please click on the link below to be taken to the parish YouTube page where Holy Mass will be aired.

As regards the opening of our churches for public worship, the following was received yesterday from the Diocese, and as you will see the situation still seems uncertain at present…

Dear Mgr, Canon, Father

Following meetings with government officials I can report the following:

  • The next official announcement, which should coincide with details about the openings for Easter, will be 16 March. It is possible that we might hear something before then but it will be unofficial rather than part of an official announcement.
  • The official line remains that communal worship will resume on 5th April, however, we have been assured that space will be made for major religious festivals which precede that date, including Holy Week.
  • The cap is being looked at and while officials are hopeful that there will be some movement on the cap we can’t know for sure until an announcement is made.
  • The desire to exclude children of primary school age from the ‘count’ when communal worship resumes was expressed to officials.
  • The desire to resume Baptisms as soon as possible was expressed. The importance of Baptism at Easter was also conveyed.

The link for Holy Mass 07/03/21 :

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