Petitioning the Scottish Government to end ‘DIY’ home abortions…

I recently received this communication which I bring to your attention and would encourage you to act upon. God bless!

Urgent – Act now to stop ‘DIY’ abortion services being made permanent in Scotland

The Scottish Government is currently deciding on whether to make the temporary measure allowing ‘DIY’ home abortions in Scotland permanent. Since home abortions were temporarily allowed, a number of significant problems have put the lives and health of many women in danger.

It is vital that as many people as possible contact their MSPs to ask them to write to the First Minister and other relevant ministers laying out the serious dangers with ‘DIY’ home abortions, and ask them to ensure that the temporary order allowing ‘DIY’ home abortion is revoked as soon as possible and not made permanent.

Right To Life UK have set up an easy-to-use tool which makes it simple to contact your MSPs in less than one minute. This tool can be accessed by visiting the link below:


Right To Life UK

+44 (0) 1732 460911

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