Christmas Masses, etc.

This is final confirmation that all Christmas Masses in both St. Matthew’s and St. James’ are now fully booked. My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to book a place but has been unsuccessful. Despite the restrictions we will still have a significant attendance overall given the provision of five possible Masses between the two churches.

When it comes closer to the time I will try to ensure that those who were unable to attend a Christmas Mass will be given priority to attend the following Saturday and Sunday Masses on 26th and 27th of December respectively. I also give you advance notification that in Auchtermuchty on that weekend there will only be a 3.00p.m. Vigil Mass (this is on Saturday 26th December) and there will be no 9.00a.m. Mass on 27th December. This will be for that weekend only.

The schedule for Masses for the week of Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th December will be issued after this weekend, and most probably this coming Monday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in regard to Mass provision, as many of you have already expressed to me, it is an unenviable task having to try to organise bookings for Mass when indeed we would normally be delighted to welcome as many people as possible.

God bless you,

Fr. Martin

The Additional Christmas Mass, etc.

I’d like to inform you that all of the Mass places for Christmas in St. James’ are now taken, no further bookings can be made, this includes the additional 6.00p.m. Mass that I advertised yesterday. Again, my apologies to those who have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place at Holy Mass for Christmas itself. Perhaps you can attempt to book, when the times are advertised, for the Masses for the weekend following Christmas (Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th December).

I am still awaiting confirmation of all those who are hoping to attend Holy Mass in St. Matthew’s on Christmas Eve, although it looks highly unlikely, unfortunately, that anyone from outside of St. Matthew’s (i.e. Kinross parishioners) will be able to secure a place at St. Matthew’s for the Christmas Mass.

God bless you and keep you, Fr. Martin

An additional Christmas Eve Mass

Having recognised the demand for Mass at Christmas I have decided to offer an additional Mass. This will be for new bookings only, so if you already have a confirmed booking you cannot change to this new time, but must keep the slot already confirmed for you.

The additional Mass will be a 6.00p.m. Mass on Thursday 24th December in St. James’, Kinross. To request a booking for this Mass you must follow the procedures already laid out. Book only by calling 01577 863329 or by emailing

God bless you,

Fr. Martin

St. James’ Christmas Mass Bookings, etc.

Very quickly the places at St. James’ for Christmas Masses have been taken. Sadly there aren’t enough spaces for the demand, given the current distancing regulations. My apologies if you were not successful in finding a place. I will be in contact with those who attempted to make a booking to confirm whether or not you have been successful. Bookings for Christmas Masses in St. James’ are now closed. Please do not now attempt to book for Mass in St. James’ for Christmas.

Christmas Mass bookings, weekday Mass bookings, etc.

Places for Christmas Masses are already going very quickly. A reminder, please, to follow the strict booking procedures I have already laid out – thank you to those who have – this avoids confusion and omissions. I will respond to you as soon as I am able. For those asking for a booking other than in their own church confirmation may not be given until this coming weekend, for those booking for their own church it will probably be given more quickly. I shall try to respond to requests for Masses for this week within 24 hours or thereabouts, I just kindly ask for your patience. God bless you and yours, Fr. Martin

Mass Bookings, etc. from Wednesday 9th December to Sunday 13th December inclusive…

Please find below the Mass Times & Devotions for the coming week, make your bookings as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Confirmation of bookings should be received within 24 hours, if not please contact Fr. Martin to check. Parishioners are kindly reminded to wear a face covering and observe social-distancing and to leave church after Holy Communion to allow cleaning to take place. Confessions are available before or after all Masses, apart from before the 11.00a.m. Mass on Sunday. A box is available at the back of the churches in order for you to deposit your weekly collections. God bless, Fr. Martin

Wednesday 9th December – Holy Mass in St. James’ at 10.00a.m.

Thursday 10th December – Adoration & Holy Rosary in St. James’ at 3.00p.m., Holy Mass in St. James’ at 7.00p.m.

Friday 11th December – Adoration & Holy Rosary in St. James’ at 10.00a.m., Holy Mass in St. James’ at 3.00p.m.

Saturday 12th December – Holy Mass in St. Matthew’s at 3.00p.m.

Sunday 13th December – Holy Mass in St. Matthew’s at 9.00a.m.

Sunday 13th December – Holy Mass in St. James’ at 11.00a.m.

Sunday 13th December – Holy Mass in St. James’ at 3.00p.m.

God bless you, Fr. Martin

Livestreamed Mass – 2nd Sunday of Advent…

The 11.00a.m. Mass from St. James’ will be livestreamed tomorrow (06/12/20). You can access the Mass by clicking on the link below a few minutes before Holy Mass is due to begin. Once you’re on the parish YouTube Channel click “subscribe” and you will be informed of new posts. God bless, Fr. Martin

Christmas Mass Bookings

Please read the following very carefully, failure to follow the instructions below will result in your attempted booking not being successful… These instructions are given to assist those recording the bookings and are necessary to avoid confusion or omissions.

  1. We will begin to take bookings for Christmas Masses from next week only (Monday to Friday only – all bookings must have been made by the end of Friday 11th December).
  2. Your booking will only be assured once you have received direct confirmation from Fr. Martin – please be patient in waiting for this confirmation.
  3. Bookings must exclusively be made by phone: 01577 863329 or by e-mail:, bookings made in any other way than these two methods will not be accepted.
  4. Irrespective of whether you have already indicated that you would like to come to one of these Masses you must now make a formal booking, prior indications will not be accepted as formal booking requests.
  5. Bookings will be taken for individuals, or family groups, or so-called bubbles, an indication must be given of who exactly the booking is for.
  6. When attempting to make a booking all of the following information must be given: names, contact details (address and telephone number), and whether this is for an individual, a family, or a so-called bubble (and who is in that bubble).
  7. Only those booked in will be able to attend, last minute requests, or additional people cannot be accepted because of the necessity of maintaining adequate social-distancing.
  8. Priority will be given to people in their local church, and to those who normally attend.
  9. Please pass this information on to those who may not have internet access, or who may struggle to make a booking, and assist them in doing so if you can.

Once you have read the above information you may (from Monday 7th December to Friday 11th December only) make a booking for one of the following Christmas Masses:

Christmas Eve Mass in St. Matthew’s at 4.00p.m. on 24th December

Midnight Mass in St. James’ (beginning 12 Midnight) on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day Mass in St. James’ at 8.00a.m.

Christmas Day Mass in St. James’ at 10.00a.m.

Thank you for your co-operation in following the requested booking procedures. God bless you and yours, and I pray that you have a blessed and fruitful Advent Season – Fr. Martin Pletts