Act of Consecration to Our Blessed Lady for the New Year – 2021

O Blessed Mother Mary, on this Solemnity in which we have celebrated your Motherhood of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, we come before your image in praise of your faith and trust in Almighty God. The Heavenly Father chose you before time to bear His Son, and to be the worthy Mother of the Redeemer. Today we entrust ourselves to you completely, and we offer you this parish of St. James (or) St. Matthew. We ask you to pray for, and protect, in the name of your Divine Son, every individual, every family, home and place of work within it. Through your prayers and motherly guidance may we live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus with love and enthusiasm, seeking always to praise and magnify God’s Holy Name in all that we do. Inspire within us a deeper faith, an ardent hope and a more selfless love, so that we may serve the Church your Son has founded and work with Him for the salvation of all. O Mother of Divine Love, O Cause of our Joy, O Help of Christians, hear the prayer we offer you, and make of us a fitting gift to your Most Holy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

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