A very special ‘thank you’ – Loch Leven’s Larder

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, as you know, has been working hard to support those in need throughout these trying times, and has been focussing especially on assisting people in this Christmas Season. As part of their plans they have been looking into providing Christmas food for families, and with this in mind they approached Emma Niven of Loch Leven’s Larder. Loch Leven’s Larder have been incredibly generous in response to this contact and are donating hampers and Christmas meals (including vegetables, meat, Christmas puddings, etc.) for a good number of families in our area. This is a significant and much appreciated donation and for this reason I wanted to express my sincere thanks to them on behalf of the Parish and to convey the thanks of Bob Corrieri, President of the SSVP Conference, and the brothers and sisters in the Conference for this gift that will brighten the Christmas of people in our locality. Best wishes and assurance of prayers for Emma and all at Loch Leven’s Larder.

A full report of the generosity of all our contributors and a fuller message of thanks will be offered by Bob Corrieri on behalf of the SSVP in the near future – as there have been many and very generous donations from you all.

God bless,

Fr. Martin Pletts

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