Advent – a new beginning…

Having significantly curtailed some of what happens at Holy Mass during the time of re-opening after lockdown, I think it is now time, with the imminent beginning of the new Church year to reintroduce those elements that were omitted, and that can be reintroduced. So from this coming Sunday we will return to praying the Creed together, having Prayers of the Faithful, and having a homily at Holy Mass, as well as having the full complement of readings (still read by the priest at the moment). Hopefully this will give us a greater sense of normality in our celebration of Holy Mass, and provide further for our spiritual nourishment. Still without the ‘Gloria’ during the season of Advent and without hymns and sung Mass parts Holy Mass will remain somewhat briefer that what we were used to. However, I hope that in the not too distant future we can resume an even more fitting celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

God bless you,

Fr. Martin

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