A ‘heads-up’ for Christmas Masses…

I don’t need to say to you that Christmas will be more than a little unusual this year because of current circumstances. This will not stop us celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ worthily, however. I want to offer an explanation of my intentions for Christmas Masses remembering that this is provisional and may be subject to change. I must emphasize that I will not take any bookings for these Masses until I make it clear that the times are hard and fast – so please keep looking on this web page to keep up-to-date.

My intention will be to give priority to our normal parishioners, and to give priority to parishioners in their own church, i.e. Auchtermuchty people will have priority in St. Matthew’s and Kinross people in St. James’.

Because of the exceptional nature of things I must insist that people book for places. Unfortunately, and much against the nature of what we are about but necessary because of social-distancing etc., people who do not book a place in advance will risk being turned away at the door – so please do not put yourself in that situation and make sure you do book when places become available. Booking will be absolutely necessary over the Christmas period in both churches I cannot make this clearer to you. If you know of people without internet access or who struggle with getting in touch with me please offer to assist them so that they do not miss out on the opportunity.

Bookings for Christmas will only be accepted by email on Fr. MartinPletts@gmail.com or by calling the landline: 01577 863329, bookings will not be accepted by any other means. Again I give you advance warning to make this absolutely clear.

So my current plans are as follows (subject as they are to being changed):

Thursday 24th December Christmas Eve Mass in St. Matthew’s at 4.00p.m.

Thursday 24th December Midnight Mass in St. James’ beginning at 12 Midnight.

Friday 25th December Christmas Day Mass in St. James’ at 8.00a.m.

Friday 25th December Christmas Day Mass in St. James’ at 10.00a.m.

Naturally, individuals or ‘bubbles’ will only be able to book for one of these Masses and not several, in order that as many people as possible have the opportunity to attend.

Once again, I emphasize that these times are provisional, may be subject to change, and are not able to be booked yet. I offer this information to facilitate your planning.

God bless, Fr. Martin Pletts

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