Update from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul…

Thank you all yet again…

We have to thank the parishioners of St. James’ and St. Matthew’s, their neighbours and friends for their generosity. With your help of donations of food and funds etc. we have helped the needy in various ways. This last month we supplied around £400 worth of food and essentials to those in difficult circumstances. Your continued financial and material support has made this possible and we cannot thank you enough. Your assistance has been much appreciated, indeed we have received a thank you email from Broke not Broken expressing their gratitude. As I have mentioned before, during this crisis this has been one avenue where we have been able to help those in need while home-visiting has not been possible given the current guidelines and legislation.

As lockdown eased there was a reduction in the number of people requiring help but this is still higher that before, and, as yet, we are still to see what happens with furloughing at the end of the month when we may see yet another increase in those needing help. Therefore, we hope that you will continue with your generous support, dropping off any contributions to the church. Given that the weather is now starting to take a turn for the worst it would be helpful if you could do this at the end of Mass so that people are around to put it into the hall,  or you can call me if it is easier to arrange a suitable time. (079 079 13695)

Again, the brothers and sisters of the Society of St Vincent de Paul thank you for your generosity as this has made our work in helping those in need so much easier. Hopefully we will be able to get back to our other important works soon.

Thank you and God bless you all for you generosity.

Bob Corrieri

(on behalf of the members of St James’ and St Matthew’s Society of St Vincent de Paul)

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