News from the Parish SSVP Conference

Society of St. Vincent De Paul (June)… Although the Church has been in lockdown the Society members, where possible, have been helping those in need while observing the restrictions. I would like to thank all parishioners and members for their continuing contributions of food for the local food bank. I would also thank those parishioners who have been donating money for this purpose. All of this is very much appreciated. Each week two members have been using these funds to purchase items which are in short supply at the food bank. While St. Vincent de Paul would normally be supplying food directly, during these exceptional times when visits to homes and to those in need are difficult we have felt that one way we can continue our charitable work is through donations of food to the food bank. Hopefully, as we go through the phases coming out of lockdown we will be able to undertake this work ourselves. However, this does not mean that we cannot help those in need, if anyone is aware of parishioners or others who are in need please feel free to contact us either thorough the church or via a member of SSVP directly.

Yet again the generosity of parishioners has been wonderful and we have received a substantial amount of money in donations, much of which has been given specifically for the purpose of providing groceries. Therefore I cannot thank you enough, as I also in fact thank all of the brothers and sisters in the parish Conference for their ongoing prayers and support. I would especially like to recognise Geraldine and Wilma for their work in doing the shopping and collecting the items left at the church and delivering these to the food bank, and Ann who has arranged for collection of food in and around Glenlomond: to date they have contributed over 40 bags of food, toiletries etc., which have been passed on, and, of course Sid has also been most helpful in co-ordinating the effort in terms of ascertaining what is needed each week. The need has varied from extra supplies of meals, tinned pies, and tinned vegetables, to other weeks where it is something as simple as fruit juice and cordials.

As some of you may have seen Broke Not Broken thanked the parishioners of St. James’ and St. Matthew’s in the June edition of the Kinross Community Newsletter.

Another area which has been brought to our attention for the future, perhaps: need for school uniforms for some families who have been furloughed and therefore may be living on significantly reduced income. We will of course look at these cases as they arise as well as looking to contact schools in case they have a bulk deal? This has yet to be discussed as to how to progress this if the need arises.

I would also encourage members and parishioners who are able to try and make it to private prayer at St. James’ and St. Matthew’s which takes place before the Blessed Sacrament. Details of times and the booking system can be found on the parish website. Due to the arrangements reached by the Conference of Scottish Bishops and the guidelines from the diocese in line with advice from the Scottish Government on social distancing, places are severely limited with currently St. Matthew’s having 14 places and St. James’ 6 spaces. Masks must be worn at all times and parishioners need to provide their own. Places must be booked in advance through contact with Father Martin directly. Many thanks to you all.

God bless you all,

Bob Corrieri, President, St. James’ and St. Matthew’s SSVP Conference

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