Times for Private Prayer – update

Thank you to all who are helping us to open our churches at the moment for private prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament – your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Understandably, perhaps because people are still somewhat hesitant, the up-take for times for private prayer has been rather slow this week. Taking people’s hesitancy into consideration and also the fact that preparation and cleaning afterwards requires so much of volunteers I have, in the light of the lack of response, decided not to open the churches this week beyond Wednesday 1st July. Therefore, the churches will remain closed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week (2nd, 3rd, 4th of July respectively). I think it would be remiss of me to ask volunteers to come to clean and to be stewards when no one had signed-up for those days, although there has been ample opportunity to do so.

We shall re-open again on Sunday 5th July with time for prayer for 14 people in St. Matthew’s from 10.00-11.00a.m. and for 6 people in St. James’ from 2.00-3.00p.m. These times will need to be booked through me directly, either by phone, text message or e-mail, and confirmation will be given by me as to whether a place is available or not for the day and the time. I am afraid that for the moment this is something that will need to be done every week, as I wish to give everyone a fair opportunity to be able to come to visit the churches at some point. I would advise you not to hesitate in making such a booking as places are very limited. I remind you, too, that for the time being you will need to bring and to wear your own face-covering. Booking is important as we need to know who is in the church at any given time for the sake of track and trace if there is ever a problem with the virus. I assure you, however, that the churches are being cleaned meticulously and that you should have every confidence that the church building is a very safe place to be because of this.

The times for private prayer for the following week are as follows:

Sunday 5th July – St. Matthew’s 10.00-11.00a.m. (14 places available)

Sunday 5th July – St. James’ 2.00-3.00p.m. (6 places available)

Wednesday 8th July – St. James’ 10.00-11.00a.m. (6 places available)

Thursday 9th July – St. James’ 2.00-3.00p.m. (6 places available)

Friday 10th July – St. James’ 7.00-8.00p.m. (6 places available)

Beyond these dates and times no further bookings will be taken for the moment.

God bless you and keep you, Fr. Martin

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