A gentle reminder…

Charity is key to our Christian vocation, as we know. Recently I have posted available times for individual prayer in the churches in Kinross and Auchtermuchty and have had a moderate uptake – I would encourage you, strongly, to come and to pray in the Presence of Our Eucharistic Lord. This is far more important, provided you are well enough, than watching Mass on TV, because here you will actually be with the Lord Jesus rather than being a mere spectator, and by watching Mass on TV we are not fulfilling our obligation anyway – the obligation from which we are also currently dispensed. Out of charity, and concern for those who are eager to come and be with Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, please, if you book a place, have the courtesy to turn up, booking a place and not turning up or not giving advance warning of your inability to turn up (unless of course there has been an emergency) means that someone else will be deprived of the precious opportunity to be in the Lord’s Real Presence. God bless you, and I hope that you make the most of these precious opportunities that we now have, Fr. Martin

Please read the previous post for a list of the times available this coming week for private prayer. I encourage you to book as soon as possible as we are depending upon volunteers to steward those coming in for prayer and also to sanitize the premises once they have been used – and I do not wish to put these kind and generous people under undue pressure when they may also have other personal arrangements to consider.

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