Focussing on Holy Week

Tuesday of Holy Week, who can believe it? Time seems more than ever to be disappearing and days and weeks merging into one, without our usual rhythms and points of focus. I hope, however, that despite the very odd nature of what we are going through at the moment, we won’t allow this particular pattern that the Church lays out for us this week to be lost, and that we will mark these holiest days of the Church’s Year in a fitting way, even if not in the ways we might normally have done together.

We have our focus:

Thursday: the Holy Eucharist, the institution of the priesthood and the Holy Mass

Friday: the Lord’s Passion and Death (a day of fasting and abstinence)

Saturday: waiting at the tomb

Easter Vigil / Sunday: the glorious Resurrection of the Lord

In these days, I would say, it is crucial that we follow the story of the Lord through the readings of Holy Mass and the sacred liturgies, and thereby unite ourselves to the journey that Christ undergoes for us. Use the many online resources to access the daily readings if you don’t have a weekday missal, Universalis is one very good resource for this and some of the other liturgical texts:

Some other resources on Holy Week for you:

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