Seek comfort from the Holy Angels of God

In Catholic tradition there is the association of different months, and different days of the week with particular devotions, it’s something that you might like to look into a little bit more ( We’re familiar with Fridays being associated with devotion to the Lord’s Passion, Saturdays being days of devotion to Our Blessed Lady and so on… Tuesdays are devoted to the Holy Angels, and  this I find a comforting and encouraging thought at this time. God’s angels are His messengers – the literal meaning of their name – fulfilling His designs and acting as intermediaries between Him and us.

We know that we are surrounded by the angels, and that each one of us has a Guardian Angel to assist us in our needs, most especially as regards the salvation of our soul. There have been many stories down through the ages, both in Sacred Scripture and in the lives of the Saints of the powerful intercession and assistance of these angelic helpers: the ways in which they have provided guidance, spiritual and material benefits, and the ways they have rescued souls from spiritual and physical calamities.

Padre Pio (now St. Pio of Pietrelcina) was renowned for having a particularly close relationship with his guardian angel whom he saw, physically, from a very early age. ( Now most of us may not have that privilege, but his experience was proof, if we needed it, of the presence of these heavenly messengers around us. Padre Pio often used to say in later life, to his spiritual sons and daughters, who often lived great distances from where he was, to send their guardian angel to him with their prayers and intentions, and he would often reply, by letter, to these sons and daughters of his when the only means of communication on their part had been through their dear angel.

Just thinking about this, my mind shifted to all of those people who are alone and isolated at this time, those who are struggling, perhaps, with loneliness and with anxiety regarding their welfare. I know that there are many human “angels” going about at the moment, doing God’s work, helping others, sacrificing themselves, but we also have the real angels amongst us, with us, keeping us company and protecting us, and we should call upon them frequently for their assistance. Our guardian angel and St. Michael are two whom we should invoke frequently to help and support us, to protect and guide us.

I remember hearing a story of Pope St. John XXIII and his devotion to his guardian angel. Apparently in earlier days when he was a papal Nuncio (ambassador) he would always invoke the help of his guardian angel before going into a difficult meeting, in order to make sure that it went well. He would ask his guardian angel to have a conflab with the guardian angels of those he was about to meet, and ask them to pave the way before their human proteges met. I thought this story was brilliant!

I’m sure we can ask our guardian angels to also take God’s blessing to family members, friends, and loved ones in their isolation, that we can ask these holy helpers to assist them even in their practical needs, and to take to them the warmth of God’s tender love and our love too. This might be especially consoling to us if we have no other means of contacting them at the moment, or if they are a great distance away.

Do pray to your holy guardian angel, not just today, but every day, seek his help and his advice, and entrust yourselves, under God, to his care. No matter who we are or where we are, we always have this special helper at our side, interceding for us and lovingly pleading for our needs before the Throne of God.

Holy angels of God, pray for us!

(I include some relevant videos below for your edification)

God bless you and yours now and always,

Fr. Martin

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