2 thoughts on “Passiontide music

  1. Love it Father, enjoyed it so many times today. Hope you and Alice are well and thank you for everything you do for all of us Marianne


  2. Absolutely captivated by this hymn. Like Marianne Traynor, we enjoyed it so many times today.

    My Google search informs me that Attende, Domine is a Catholic Gregorian chant for the season of Lent, referred to in English as the Lent Prose. The themes of this hymn are the sinfulness of man and the mercy of God, a theological concept emphasised during Lent.

    The text is Mozarabic in origin and dates to the 10th century, and is sung to a Mode V Gregorian melody.

    Antiphon: Hear us, O Lord, have mercy upon us: for we have sinned against thee.

    1. To thee, Redeemer, on thy throne of glory: lift we our weeping eyes in holy pleadings: listen, O Jesus, to our supplications. Hear us, O Lord …
    2. O thou chief cornerstone, right hand of the Father: way of salvation, gate of life celestial: cleanse thou our sinful souls from all defilement. Hear us, O Lord …
    3. God, we implore thee, in thy glory seated: bow down and hearken to thy weeping children: pity and pardon all our grievous trespasses. Hear us, O Lord …
    4. Sins oft committed now we lay before thee: with true contrition, now no more we veil them: grant us, Redeemer, loving absolution. Hear us, O Lord …
    5. Innocent, captive, taken unresisting: falsely accused and for us sinners sentenced, save us, we pray thee, Jesus our Redeemer. Hear us, O Lord …

    Thanks again Father for increasing our knowledge and deepening our faith. God bless.


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