Virtual Stations of the Cross

So that we can engage from our homes in this traditional and powerful Lenten devotion you will find this video meditation of the Way of the Cross – please remember in your prayers all who are suffering at this time, and all who are sacrificing themselves to care for those in desperate need:

2 thoughts on “Virtual Stations of the Cross

  1. When the decision was made to completely close the churches, the first thing that comes into your mind is that your faith will suffer as a consequence and that you will find yourself praying less and missing out on reading the scriptures with the loss of the readings and the gospel at Mass.

    However, I have found that the complete opposite has happened. I find myself praying more and reading more about my faith and this has helped to sustain me thus far through these trying times.
    I hear of people worrying about the lack of makeup salons and hairdressers, the shutdown of football, the closure of pubs, bookmakers, bingo halls and the scarcity of razor blades!

    It’s then that you start to think…..wait a minute; none of these things matter now. In fact, none of these ever did actually matter when you think about it.

    Priests have often taught us about the dangers of superficial narcissism, and of greed, exploitation and capitalism and it is now that you fully can see the folly of these things and understand the priests teachings.

    If there is any hope in this unprecedented situation, and there is; it is the hope of a deepening and strengthening of our Catholic faith during this Lenten season and beyond.

    Many thanks must go to our Parish priest, Father Pletts, who has helped to encourage in strengthening our faith through these difficult times.

    Thank you Father for the Eucharistic blessing of the parish last night, the beautiful Stations of the Cross with it’s thought-provoking narrative and the wonderful and well-known Lenten hymn.

    It is these things that will help to get us through these times until we can all share in the return of public Holy Mass in St James.

    We will continue to pray for you Father and for all those affected by this situation.

    God bless.


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